July 28, 2019Adi CaciulaSpiritual Lessons – Providence
July 21, 2019Adi CaciulaSpiritual Lessons – Providence
July 14, 2019Adi CaciulaSpiritual Lessons – Sovereignty
July 7, 2019Adi CaciulaSpiritual Lessons – Courage “The making of a hero”
June 30, 2019Adi CaciulaMinor Prophets – Haggai “Glorious imperfections”
June 23, 2019Adi CaciulaMinor Prophets – Habakkuk “Life’s tough questions”
June 16, 2019Larry Clements“A Father’s Day encouragement”
June 9, 2019Adi CaciulaMinor Prophets – Micah “Though I fall, I shall rise!”
June 2, 2019Rob Millar“Marching Orders” Our mission in His absence
May 26, 2019Adi CaciulaMinor Prophets – Joel “The day the locusts came”
May 19, 2019Adi CaciulaMinor Prophets – Hosea “God’s Loyal Love”
May 12, 2019Adi CaciulaMother’s Day 2019
May 05, 2019Adi CaciulaPractical Faith ” The Call to Discipleship”
April 28, 2019Adi CaciulaPractical Faith ” Judgement and Grace”
April 21, 2019Adi CaciulaEaster Sunday ” It Is Finished”
April 19, 2019Adi CaciulaGood Friday
April 14, 2019Alain VirginPractical Faith ” Faith, Service and Patience”
April 07, 2019Adi CaciulaPractical Faith ” Failure”
March 31, 2019Ana-Maria CaciulaGod Is Faithful ” Ana’s Testimony”
March 24, 2019Adi CaciulaWhere The Rubber Meets The Road “A Treasure meant to be shared”
March 17, 2019Adi CaciulaWhere The Rubber Meets The Road “My Treasure and My Heart”
March 10, 2019Adi CaciulaWhere The Rubber Meets The Road “Redeem The Time”
March 03, 2019Adi CaciulaWhere The Rubber Meets The Road “My Sheep Hear My Voice”
February 24, 2019Adi CaciulaWhere The Rubber Meets The Road “Acts 17:6 The world turned Upside Down”
February 17, 2019Adi CaciulaJonah”When running is Not Good For Your Health”
February 10, 2019Adi CaciulaLuke 7:36-50″Amazing Love”
February 03, 2019Adi Caciula2 Kings 22,23″Fully Committed to the Lord”
January 27, 2019Adi CaciulaExodus 11 & 12″How Possible Is The Impossible”
January 20, 2019Adi Caciula2 Kings”How Bold Are You, Elisha”
January 13, 2019Adi Caciula1 Samuel”How Low Can You Go”
January 6, 2019Adi Caciula1 Samuel”How fervent is the prayer”
December 30, 2018Adi CaciulaJoshua”How Big Is Your Dream”
December 23, 2018Adi CaciulaPsalm 42:5 “Hope Was Born In Bethlehem”
December 16, 2018Adi CaciulaJohn 1:14, 39, 41 “O Come All Ye Faithful”
December 09, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Standing Firm. Staying Humble”
December 02, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Tough Choices”
November 25, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Bless and Be Blessed”
November 18, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Submission”
November 11, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Shine Like a Star”
November 04, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Special People For a Special Purpose”
October 28, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Roll Up Your Sleeves”
October 21, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Elect Exiles”
October 14, 2018Adi Caciula1 Peter “Suffering – For a little while”
October 07, 2018Adi CaciulaThanksGiving
September 30, 2018Adi CaciulaWhat is The Church…Witness
September 23, 2018Adi CaciulaWhat is The Church…Love
September 16, 2018Adi CaciulaWhat is The Church…Part 2
September 09, 2018Adi CaciulaWhat is The Church…Community
August 26, 2018Adi CaciulaGrace Given
August 19, 2018Adi CaciulaGrace Defined
August 12, 2018Adi CaciulaTodays Lies (part 2)
August 05, 2018Adi CaciulaTodays Lies
July 29, 2018Adi CaciulaTodays Lies
July 08, 2018Larry ClementsBarnabus “Encouragement Part 2”
July 01, 2018Larry ClementsBarnabus “Encouragement part 1”
June 24, 2018Adi CaciulaInduction Service For Adi “Being Resolute”
June 17, 2018Adi CaciulaTools For Dads “Dads Extraordinaire”
June 10, 2018Adi CaciulaGenesis 25 “Jacob”
June 03, 2018Adi CaciulaHebrews 20:11 “Blessings”
May 20, 2018Richard KimballGenesis 22,1-4 “The Lamb who was slain”
May 13, 2018Adi CaciulaMatthew 15,21-28 “Mothers Day”
May 06, 2018Adi CaciulaGenesis 12:1-7 “Abraham”
April 29, 2018Adi CaciulaGenesis 11:1-9 “Tower Of Babel”
April 22, 2018Adi CaciulaGenesis 5-9 “Noah”
April 15, 2018Julie SeathMission Moment
April 08, 2018Adi CaciulaGenesis 3″God Of Holiness and Hope”
April 01, 2018Adi CaciulaGenesis 1″Christos Anesti”
March 25, 2018Adi CaciulaGalatians 5″Self Control and Faithfulness”
March 18, 2018Adi CaciulaGalatians 5:22 “Fruits Of The Spirit”
March 11, 2018Guy FreemanPsalm 73 “Delighting In God”
March 04, 2018Jay CalderMatthew 18 “Compassion”
February 25, 2018Adi CaciulaGalatians 5 “Love & Joy”
February 18, 2018Adi CaciulaGalatians 5 “You’ve Got The Power”
February 11, 2018Adi Caciula1 Corinthians 13:1-7 “Love”
February 04, 2018Adi CaciulaMatthew 7:17-27 “Obedience”
January 28, 2018Adi CaciulaMatthew 7:15-20 “Truth Matters”
January 21, 2018Adi CaciulaMatthew 7:14 “Choice”
January 14, 2018Adi CaciulaMatthew 7:12 The Golden Rule
January 07, 2018Adi CaciulaPersistence
December 31,2017Adi CaciulaSeeing Gods Glory
December 24,2017Adi Caciula4th Sunday in Advent “Peace”
December 17,2017Adi Caciula3rd Sunday in Advent “Joy”
December 10,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 7 “Do Not Judge”
December 03,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 6 “Do Not Be Anxious”
November 26,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 6 “Treasure Hunt”
November 19,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 6 “The Lords Prayer”
November 12,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 6 “Fake News”
November 05,2017Steve Mitton“Steve’s Testimony”
October 29,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 5 “Being Perfect”
October 22,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 5 “Being Perfect”
October 15,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 5 “Salt & Light”
October 08,2017Adi CaciulaNumbers 11-1:10 “Thankfulness”
October 01,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 5 “Pursuit of Happiness” Part 2
September 24,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 5 “Pursuit of Happiness” Part 1
September 17,2017Adi CaciulaAdi’s Testimony
September 10,2017Adi CaciulaMatthew 5,6,7, “Character comes before Power”
September 03,2017Adi Caciula1 John 5, “The Test of a Christian”
August 27,2017Adi Caciula1 John, “The Test of Love”
August 20,2017Adi Caciula1 John, “Proclaiming The Truth”
August 13,2017Adi CaciulaRuth 4,
August 06,2017Adi CaciulaRuth 3
July 30,2017Adi CaciulaRuth 1
July 23,2017Adi CaciulaRuth 2 “Luck”??
July 16,2017Richard KimballHabakkuk
July 09,2017Richard KimballPsalm 1
July 02,2017Richard KimballPsalm 40
June 25,2017Richard KimballPsalm 23
June 18,2017Chuck CantleTestimony
June 18,2017Garry Van GalenTestimony
June 11,2017Steve Mitton2 Samuel 23:20,Being Courageous
June 04,2017Wayne Wright2 Peter 1:1-4,Controlling Desires
May 28,2017Bruce MittonHebrews 13,Contentment
May 21,2017Mitchell PersaudJudges 1, Spiritual Inheritance
May 14,2017Adi Caciula1 Samuel Praying Mothers
May 07,2017Adi Caciula1 Thessalonians Encouragement
April 30,2017Pete NojdActs 17-16:34 Anxious about sharing the Gospel?
April 23,2017Pete NojdActs 1-1:11 What Now?
April 16,2017Trevor SeathThe Resurrection – The difference it makes
April 09,2017Pete NojdLuke 19:28-34 Jesus is King
April 02,2017Dave LombardoWhat Fuels Boldness, Acts 5:17-33
March 26,2017Steve NortonNames and Labels, Mark 2-13
March 19,2017Peter MichaelListening in Prayer
March 12,2017Robert CousinsAndrew and Peter
March 05,2017Adi CaciulaRunning the Christian Race
February 26,2017Helen LinBaptism Testimony
February 26,2017Jessi ChenBaptism Testimony
February 26,2017Loren ChenBaptism Testimony
February 26,2017Samuel DengBaptism Testimony
February 26,2017Jenny LiuBaptism Testimony
February 26,2017Alex MittonBaptism Testimony
February 19,2017Don McIssacHope. Psalms 47
February 12,2017Adi CaciulaFear
February 05,2017Adi CaciulaFaith
January 29,2017Margie North, Ron Allan Testimonies
January 22,2017Percy FrancisMatthew 5 Salt and Light
January 15,2017Richard KimballColossians 1 It’s All about Him
January 8,2017Nestor AbdonPhilipeans 3:10-14 Moving Forward
January 1,2017Joined Parkway ChurchParkway Shared Service

Please click on the Speaker to listen/download

Please click on the Speaker to listen/download

December 25,2016Christmas HymnsChristmas Day Hymns – No Sermon
December 18,2016Kids ABCXmasKids Christmas Performance _ No Sermon
December 11,2016Steven AudigeMatthew 19:16-22
December 04,2016Adi CaciulaLove
November 27,2016Warwick Cooper1 Kings 17
November 20,2016Ryan Nish,Johnny Zhong,Jared Friesen,Yuying Lin, Emily Bell, Belinda Du, Fiona LinBaptism Testimonies
November 13,2016Bill LippmanMark 1:14
November 06,2016Ron MahlerJudges 6
October 30,2016Guy Freeman“The Church” Ephesians 3
October 23,2016Jeff SmythJudges 2:8
October 16,2016Adi CaciulaPhilemon (Forgiveness)
October 9th,2016Rob MillarPhillipians
October 2nd,2016Rob MillarPhillipians 3
September 25,2016Dennis Billingham & Robert ZhaoTestimonies
September 18,2016Richard KimballLuke 8:43-48
September 11,2016Richard KimballCommunion
September 04,2016Alain VirginEzekiel 34
August 28,2016Adi CaciulaHaggai
August 21,2016Adi Caciula1 Samuel 4
August 14,2016Vinson SamuelGenesis 8
August 07,2016Gregg BryceHebrews 2
July 31,2016Wayne Wright1st Thessalonians 1
July 24,2016Alan ButrynRomans 8:26
July 17,2016Alan ButrynJohn 16
July 10,2016Alan ButrynJohn 14
July 03,2016Alan ButrynJohn 14
June 26,2016Richard KimballJames 1:12
June 19,2016Alan ButrynJoshua 24:14-18
June 12,2016Alan ButrynGalatians 6
June 05,2016Mitchell Persaud2 Corinthians
May 29,2016Alan ButrynGalatians 6
May 22, 2016Daniel Mills Jeremiah 29
May 15, 2016Trevor Seath Mark 2
May 8, 2016Alan Butryn Galatians 6
May 1, 2016Alan Butryn no ppt
April 24, 2016Alan Butryn no ppt
April 17, 2016 MissionsDaniel Nyirenda – Malawi


Alan Butryn – Cuba

no ppt
April 10, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
April 03, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
March 27 Easter Sunday, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
March 25 Good Friday, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
March 20, 2016Vinson Samuelno ppt
March 13, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
March 06, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
February 28, 2016Steven Audigeno ppt
February 14, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
February 07, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
January 31, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
January 24, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
January 17, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
January 10, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
January 03, 2016Alan Butrynno ppt
DateSpeakerPowerPoint File
December 27, 2015Steve Nortonno ppt
December 20, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
December 13, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
December 06, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
November 29, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
November 22, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
November 15, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
November 08, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
November 01, 2015Steve Mittonno ppt
October 25, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
October 18, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
October 11, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
October 4, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
September 27, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
September 20, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
September 13, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
September 06, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
August 30, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
August 23, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
August 16, 2015Cameron Butrynno ppt
August 09, 2015Wayne Wrightno ppt
August 02, 2015Wayne Wrightno ppt
July 26, 2015Zack Bowmanno ppt
July 19, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
July 12, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
July 05, 2015Wayne Wrightno ppt
June 28, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
June 21, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
June 14, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
June 07, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
May 31, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
May 24, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
May 17, 2015Wayne Channerno ppt
May 10, 2015 (Mothers Day)Kathy Butrynno ppt
May 03, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
April 26, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
April 19, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
April 12, 2015Zack Bowmanno ppt
April 05(Easter Sunday, 2015)Alan Butrynno ppt
March 29, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
March 22, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
March 15, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
March 8, 2015Jorge Sedacano ppt
March 1, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
February 22, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
February 15, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
February 08, 2015Steve Mittonno ppt
February 01, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
January 25, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
January 18, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
January 04, 2015Alan Butrynno ppt
DateSpeakerPowerPoint File
December 28, 2014Wayne Wrightno ppt
December 21, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
December 14, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
December 7, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
November 30, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
November 23, 2014Youth Serviceno ppt
November 16, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
November 9, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
November 2, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
October 26, 2014Dean Sherkno ppt
October 19, 2014Rob Millarno ppt
October 12, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
October 5, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
September 28, 2014Alain Virginno ppt
September 21, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
September 14, 2014No Sermon AGM Meetingno ppt
September 7, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
August 31, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
August 24, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
August 17, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
August 10, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
August 3, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
July 27, 2014Jeff Baldwinno ppt
July 20, 2014Hal Willisno ppt
July 13, 2014Alain Virginno ppt
July 6, 2014George Bradfordno ppt
June 29, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
June 22, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
June 15, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
June 08, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
June 01, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
May 25, 2014Alain Virgindownload
May 18, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
May 11, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
May 4, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
April 27, 2014Neil Macrisdownload
April 20, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
April 18, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
April 13, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
April 06, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
March 30, 2014Alain Virginno ppt
March 23, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
March 16, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
March 09, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
March 02, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
Feb 23, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
Feb 16, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
Feb 9, 2014Glen Rider & pastoral inductionno ppt
Feb 2, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
Jan 26, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
Jan 19, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
Jan 12, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
Jan 5, 2014Alan Butrynno ppt
DateSpeakerPowerPoint File
Dec 29,2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Dec 22, 2013No service (weather)no download
Dec 15, 2013Wayne Wrightno download
Dec 8, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Dec 1, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Nov 24, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload


extra download

Nov 17, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload


extra download

Nov 10, 2013Alan Bdownload
Nov 3, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload


extra: plan for prayer-acts

Oct 27, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload


extra: prayer plan

Oct 20, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Oct 13, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Oct 6, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Sept 29, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Sept 22, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Sept 15, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Sept 8, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Sept 1, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Aug 25, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Aug 18, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Aug 11, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Aug 4, 2013Alain Virgin 
July 28, 2013Steve Mitton 
July 21, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
July 14, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload1 download2
July 7, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
June 30, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
June 23, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
June 16, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
June 9, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
June 2, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
May 26, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
May 19, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
May 12, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
May 5, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Apr 28, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Apr 21, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Apr 14, 2013Vinson Samuel 
Apr 7, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Mar 31, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Mar 24, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Mar 17, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Mar 10, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Mar 3, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Feb 24, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Feb 17, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Feb 11, 2013Lee Wong 
Feb 3, 2013Wayne Wrightdownload
Jan 27, 2013Vinson Samuel 
Jan 20, 2013Wayne Wright 
Jan 13, 2013Calvin Russell 
Jan 6, 2013Roy Grant 
DateSpeakerPowerPoint File
Dec 30, 2012Steve Mitton 
Dec 23, 2012Alain Virgin 
Dec 16, 2012Wayne Wright 
Dec 9, 2012Dr. George Boyd 
Dec 2, 2012Steve Chu 
Nov 25, 2012Guy Freeman 
Nov 18, 2012Vinson Samuel 
Nov 11, 2012Trevor Seath 
Nov 4, 2012Trevor Seathdownload
Oct 28, 2012Trevor Seathdownload
Oct 21, 2012Blondel’s Testimony


Trevor Seath

Oct 14, 2012Ministry Update 
Oct 7, 2012Alain Virgin 
Sept 30, 2012Trevor Seath 
Sept 23, 2012Trevor Seath 
Sept 16, 2012Trevor Seath 
Sept 9, 2012Trevor Seath 
Sept 2, 2012Trevor Seath 
Aug 26, 2012Rob Millar Missions Update


Rob Millar Message

Aug 19, 2012Trevor Seath 
Aug 12, 2012Robert Cousinsdownload
Aug 5, 2012Alain Virgin 
July 29, 2012Alain Virgin 
July 22, 2012Missionary guest speaker (no recording available) 
July 15, 2012Vinson Samuel 
July 8, 2012Steve Norton 
July 1, 2012Trevor Seath 
June 24, 2012Trevor Seath


Malawi Commissioning

June 17, 2012Trevor Seath 
June 10, 2012Trevor Seath – Communion 
June 3, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
May 27, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
May 20, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
May 13, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
May 6, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
Apr. 29, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
Apr. 22, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
Apr. 15, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you fix a broken church 
Apr. 8, 2012Trevor Seath 
Apr. 6, 2012Trevor Seath – Good Friday 
Apr. 1, 2012Trevor Seath 
Mar. 25, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Mar. 18, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Mar. 11, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Mar. 4, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Feb. 26, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Feb. 19, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Feb. 12, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Feb. 5, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Jan. 29, 2012Trevor Seath – How do you Fix a Broken Church 
Jan. 22, 2012Trevor Seath – A Church Divided 
Jan. 15, 2012Trevor Seath – Thanksgiving 
Jan. 8, 2012Julie Seath 
Jan. 1, 2012Trevor Seath – Paul Greeting (1 Cor) 
DateSpeakerPowerPoint File
Dec. 25, 2011Trevor Seath 
Dec. 18, 2011Trevor Seath 
Dec. 11, 2011Trevor Seath 
Dec. 4, 2011Baptism


Word of encouragement

Nov. 27, 2011Trevor Seath 
Nov. 20, 2011Trevor Seath 
Nov. 13, 2011Trevor Seath 
Nov. 6, 2011Trevor Seath 
Oct. 30, 2011Trevor Seath 
Oct. 23, 2011Trevor Seath 
Oct. 16, 2011Trevor Seath 
Oct. 9, 2011Vinson Samuel 
Oct. 2, 2011Trevor Seath 
Sept 25, 2011Trevor Seath (Psalm 23) 
Sept 18, 2011Trevor Seath (Psalm 23) 
Sept 11, 2011Baptism and Communion 
Sept 4, 2011Trevor Seath (Psalm 23) 
Aug. 28, 2011Alain Virgin 
Aug. 21, 2011Trevor Seath 
Aug. 14, 2011Trevor Seath



Aug. 7, 2011Trevor Seath 
July 31, 2011Alain Virgin 
July 24, 2011Vinson Samuel 
July 17, 2011Steve Mitton 
July 10, 2011Trevor Seath 
July 3, 2011Trevor Seath 
June 26, 2011Trevor Seath


Rob Miller update

June 19, 2011Trevor Seath 
June 12, 2011Trevor Seath 
June 5, 2011Trevor Seath 
May 29, 2011Alain Virgin 
May 22, 2011Trevor Seath 
May 15, 2011Guy Freeman 
May 8, 2011Julie Seath 
May  1, 2011Trevor Seath 
Apr 24, 2011Trevor Seath 
Apr 22, 2011Trevor Seath (no recording) 
Apr 17, 2011Trevor Seath 
Apr 10, 2011Trevor Seath 
Apr 3, 2011Trevor Seath 
Mar 27, 2011Trevor Seath 
Mar 20, 2011Trevor Seath 
Mar 13, 2011Trevor Seath 
Mar 6, 2011Trevor Seath 
Feb 27, 2011Trevor Seath 
Feb 20, 2011Trevor SeathDownload
Feb 13, 2011Trevor Seath (no recording) 
Feb 6, 2011Trevor Seath 
Jan 30, 2011Trevor Seath


Testimony – Xue, Ruihua

Jan 23, 2011Trevor Seath 
Jan 16, 2011Trevor Seath


Dave James

Jan 9, 2011Trevor Seath 
Jan 2, 2011Trevor Seath 
DateSpeakerPowerPoint File
Dec 26, 2010Table fellowship (no mp3 file) 
Dec 19, 2010Trevor Seath 
Dec 12, 2010Trevor Seath 
Dec 5, 2010Trevor Seath 
Nov 28, 2010Trevor Seath 
Nov 21, 2010Trevor Seath 
Nov 14, 2010Trevor Seath 
Nov 7, 2010Gary Cockburn 
Oct 10, 2010Ian Arienda-JoseDownload file
Oct 10, 2010Steven Norton 
Oct 17, 2010George Boyd 
Oct 10, 2010Alain Virgin 
Oct 3, 2010Clint Mix 
Sept 26, 2010Rob Cripps 
Sept 19, 2010Alain Virgin 
Sept. 12, 2010Guy Freeman 
Sept 5, 2010Bruce Nethercott & Victor 
Aug 29, 2010Ryan Hutt 
Aug 22, 2010Alain Virgin 
Aug 15, 2010Vinson Samuel 
Aug 8, 2010Guy Freeman 
Aug 1, 2010Nigel Barham / John Summer 
July 25, 2010Trevor Seath



July 18, 2010Trevor Seath 
July 11, 2010Peter Ordination


Trevor Seath

July 4, 2010Trevor Seath 
June 27, 2010Trevor Seath 
June 20, 2010Trevor Seath 
June 13, 2010Trevor Seath 
June 6, 2010Steve Norton 
May 30, 2010Trevor Seath 
May 23, 2010Trevor Seath 
May 16, 2010Peter 
May 9, 2010Peter



May 2, 2010Trevor Seath 
Apr 25, 2010Sorry no recording available 
Apr 18, 2010Trevor Seath 
Apr 11, 2010Trevor Seath with communion 
Apr 4, 2010Trevor Seath, download video of service part 1 or part 2 
Apr 2, 2010Trevor Seath – Communion 
Mar 28, 2010Trevor Seath 
Mar 21, 2010Trevor Seath 
Mar 14, 2010Baptism



Mar 7, 2010Trevor Seath 
Feb 28, 2010Trevor Seath 
Feb 21, 2010Communion


Trevor Seath

Feb 14, 2010Trevor Seath 
Feb 7, 2010Trevor Seath 
Jan 31, 2010Trevor Seath 
Jan 24, 2010Trevor Seath 
Jan 17, 2010Communion


Trevor Seath

Jan 10, 2010Trevor Seath 
Jan 3, 2010Trevor Seath – Daniel