Submission to God
All of us tend to take control of our lives and basically worship ourselves. We confess this and return to the Bible and to prayer to give God the place of leadership in our lives that He alone deserves.

It’s All About the Heart
Love for God and neighbor pretty much sums up Jesus’ approach to life. We encourage each other to stand out as His followers by growing in love for God and neighbor.

Costly Christianity
Jesus invites those who would follow Him to give it all they’ve got. In a world of casual associations and apathy, we seek to live out a radical commitment to Jesus.

Practical Christianity
By His grace, God comes close to us so that we can bless others. We commit to join God in serving others because we know that all people are important to Him.

Life-Long Transformation
Few of us are where we want to be spiritually. None of us is where we could be spiritually. We choose a life-long journey with Jesus to become the people God created us to be and invite anyone, no matter where they are starting from, to join us.

The Friend We Haven’t Met Yet
It’s tempting to believe that life would be better if we focused on only enjoying the relationships we already have. We choose to resist this temptation and to keep looking out for new friends who will join us in the community that God is building.

We believe Jesus died not only to unite us with God but also to unite us with one another in the Church. Rather than working independently, we are committed to expressing the beauty of God’s new community by serving together.