At the close of the 1960s, a new sub-division was taking shape up at Scarborough’s north east corner around the intersection of Finch and Warden. Growth in the new neighbourhood was rapid and Robert McClintock, a Christian homebuilder, knew that God had given him an opportunity. Since he owned much of the old farmland that was rapidly being transformed into neighbourhoods, Mr. McClintock knew that he had the opportunity to help churches get started right in the middle of new communities by strategically donating some of his land. One group who benefited from Mr. McClintock’s vision and generosity were the founding families of Bridletowne Park Church. Through this servant-hearted Christian businessman, God literally gave Bridletowne Park Church the land for the building that we are using today.

But that’s not all. While God was arranging for us to receive a generous gift of land, He was also at work to provide the funds needed for the church building. A small congregation with a facility on Yonge Street at Davisville sensed that the work God had entrusted to their congregation was coming to an end. The few who were left at Hope Gospel Church started to seek God’s leading about how to pass the torch of ministry to a group with vision and energy for new work that could be done for God’s glory. When the folks at Hope Gospel learned about the believers who were meeting at the newly built Timothy Eaton Collegiate Institute way out in the new suburb of Agincourt, they knew God wanted them to donate the proceeds from selling their facility to Bridletowne Park Church.

By 1973, Bridletowne Park Church was gathering to worship God at 2300 Bridletowne Circle without a shadow of a doubt that God Himself had put them right where He wanted them to be. After all, through the humble obedience of His children, God had provided both the land and the money to construct a building. There could be no doubt that God had something exciting planned!

So much has changed since those early days. Toronto has stretched out so that we are now in a truly urban setting. Most of the original homeowners from the seventies have moved away. Our neighbourhood is now known as a common first stop for newcomers to Canada. The truth is, we couldn't be happier! As we embrace the opportunities He gives us weekly to shine as a bright light for God's glory in our corner of Toronto we know as strongly now as we ever have that God has placed us here for a reason!