Sunday Service FAQ
When does the service start?

10:00 am

How long is the service?
About an hour and a half.

What is it like?

There is an informal and friendly feeling on Sunday mornings. People often enjoy a coffee before we get started with singing that includes both classic hymns and new songs. We’ve been told many times that our service is comfortable for people who have not been to church before. We like to talk after the service is over as well and it’s not uncommon for people to hang around for as much as an hour.

What about the sermons?

We believe the Bible is God’s Word so we expect that He will speak to us personally as we open ourselves to listen to what the Bible has to say. We also know that it’s not always easy to bring Biblical principles into everyday life so we try to help with that challenge through our preaching. Most of all, we hope that our sermons communicate how amazing God is!

Is there a nursery for babies?

Yes. And we have some fantastic volunteers who care for babies. Some parents like to stay with their children especially as they are still getting used to a new place and that’s totally okay too. Formal nursery care ends at 11:30.

What about children and teenagers?

Good question. Students of all ages usually start Sunday mornings with the adults by singing songs of worship. After that, they hurry off to their own fun. We have fun interactive classes for young children and youth alike that are going on more or less while the sermon is being preached.