To become the best possible church for the Bridletowne community
We envision

· A church that is great at helping people to encounter God, experience Him through faith in Jesus, engage with their community, embed into the real life of our city, and embody Christ in the power of His Holy Spirit so that others can encounter God.
· A church where barriers of language, culture, ethnicity, economics, and gender are overcome in the unity of God’s Holy Spirit.
· A church of small groups that are growing closer to God and each other by studying the Bible, sharing their personal joys and struggles, and serving others together in Jesus’ name.
· A church that responds with love, energy and creativity to the needy people of our community and city.
· A church where children are safe to have fun while learning about God and His great love for them.
· A church where teens know they belong and come excited to participate with their peers in a dynamic, fun, and relevant youth ministry where they learn how to follow Jesus with their whole lives for their whole lives.
· A church with an excellent facility that is useful and available as a gathering place for our neighbours seven days a week.
· A church that develops servant leaders.
· A church that works in partnership with other churches and organizations in a spirit of humility so that Jesus is glorified.
· A church that reproduces itself so that more communities in Toronto have their own best possible church.